--All policies have been updated for 2017--

Share Requests
Share requests sent to my Facebook page will be shared. Please give time to make sure it gets up if something needs shared on a specific date such as sales. I will share anything I am asked to that is book related. If I fins something unsuitable for sharing on my page I will let you know. I do not allow explicit images.

Blog Tours, Cover Reveals, Release Blitzes, and so on..
My policy on those has changed at the start of 2017. I will not be doing much for sign ups. More than anything I am watching my review schedule and signing up for reviews that I want. If you wish for my blog to post please send the information (no html) along with a post date to As long as there is plenty of time I can schedule a post. Please do not send them the day of or the day before. more time is needed to get through emails and get stuff up for the right dates.
*This change came about because everyone has sign ups now. So many are asking to fill out forms with your links to the post. Unfortunately this does not work for me. It takes up a great portion of time when I am constantly filling forms out.*

My review policy
- I will accept ebooks, audio books, and physical copies to review.
- I prefer books with romance in them. But any genre as long as there is some sort of romance in it. I will also accept any LGBTQ books. 
- a review will be posted on the blog, fb, Instagram, and twitter
- a review will include a cover photo, book description, star rating, and my thoughts on the book.
(at times I like to add fun things to my reviews. weather it be teasers or a you tube video to go along with it)
- Requests are always coming in, I have a ton of paid books sitting on my kindle, and there are authors I beta for. I like to say I would review in a timely manner but sometimes that doesn't happen. I always review a book I say I will though. 
- If you are interested in a giveaway, author spotlight, interview, or anything else, I am open to doing them as well at the time of review.

You may contact me with a request by sending an email to Brenda at 
Please allow time for a response, there is an increase in requests and it takes time to get through emails.

**not all books are going to be accepted. I would rather accept books that sound like something I will read and interest me. I don't think it is fair to accept a book that I would not normally read.**

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