--All policies have been updated for 2017--

Share Requests
Feel free to message the page with share requests. Please make sure that it is book related material or it will not be posted. I cannot guarantee everything that comes in will be posted. 

Blog Tours, Cover Reveals, Release Blitzes, and so on..
4/26/17 I am no longer signing up for arc's/
I will participate in some of the cover reveals and release blitzes. So many come in daily that there is no guarantee what I will get signed up for. 
*This change came about because everyone has sign ups now. So many are asking to fill out forms with your links to the post. Unfortunately this does not work for me. It takes up a great portion of time when I am constantly filling forms out.*

My review policy
this could change but as of 5/9/17 I am able to review. Now mind you my reviews will only be available on my blog and goodreads. Amazon has taken away my right to review on their site.

You may contact me with a request by sending an email to Brenda at wereadwithaglassofwine@gmail.com 
Please allow time for a response, there is an increase in requests and it takes time to get through emails.

**not all books are going to be accepted. I would rather accept books that sound like something I will read and interest me. I don't think it is fair to accept a book that I would not normally read.**

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