A review is helpful no matter how short or long. 

It just means heaps to the author when you take the time to read their book and to share your thoughts on it.

Every review matters, never think you shouldn't leave one cause it won't. 

As far as star ratings. I have seen it vary between what people think they stand for,

This is my general guide for choosing my star rating.
This is basically the outline I use reviewing. I mean it can't get any simpler than this right! Some people can write pages for a review. Me I like to just sit and write my general thoughts. I won't add the book description to my reviews, cause well anyone reading the reviews are going to be on Goodreads, Amazon or any other retailer and they already have that info up to check out.

some things to think of and discuss are 

- who was your favorite character, why

- did the story or characters feel real

- what was your favorite part of the book

- did the story keep you guessing

- did the book make you emotional? did you cry, laugh, get mad..

- was it a page turner

- add your favorite quotes from the book (spoiler free)

- do you recommend this book and who to
NEVER and I mean NEVER for any reason include spoilers. Don't give the story away for other readers.

What do you do if you don't like a book?

Well when it comes to those books I recommend 2 options.

Simply state that you did not like this book, you can tell why, or simply say this book just wan't for you. easy enough. Keep it constructive criticism though. 


Don't leave a review. I feel if you don't like a book it can be hard to leave a review and keep it positive. A book you don't finish I don't think its fair to leave a review on those. That is my personal opinion. So just don't. 

Mean reviews are a NO NO! There is no reason to be mean in them. Always try to keep it positive. This is after all to help the author. They can grow from suggestions and learning from mistakes. So being a complete asshat and rude doesn't help anyone. Authors are people and their feeling get hurt just like anyone else. So be kind.

so what could you discuss about a book you do not like

- were the characters hard to like

- did you find it hard to get into the book

- was there no character development

- did the book just not work

- was there too many errors to follow the book

Another tip is for kindle users. Adding approved emails simplified.

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