Hi, my name is Brenda. I am a stay at home wife and mom of two kiddos. I am from Illinois in the US.
You can generally find me between the pages of a book or in front of my computer. I pimp more authors than I can emember their names most days.

My blog is We Read With A Glass Of Wine. 
I have a mad love for all things books and wine.
"Happiness is a good book and a glass of wine" 

My blog was really born out of the fact that I live in a small town and the local book club said they were full! I mean the nerve of them telling people they can't join a book club! Well thank you! 
If it wasn't for you I might never have began blogging. Pretty sure I am more happy where I am though. I mean I never would have learned of the indie community I am now part of.

Weather I like, love, dislike, or FLOVE a book I want to share that with everyone. I have high hopes that someone out there sees one of my posts and have gotten a book because of it.

*caution occasional fangirl moment may happen*
those do really happen. I apologize in advance if you ever see this happen... What am I saying. 
Fangirl on folks.

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