2017 Reading Challenge


I encourage you to step outside your boundaries and give something different a try.
You never know you may just find your next favorite author!
Don't stress and think this has to be completed in record time.
Take all year if you have to. Have fun and enjoy reading.
Choose any of the list to start, and complete it in any order you choose.
looking for a recommendation for a certain one, just leave a comment.  I am happy to recommend books.

you can print this checklist out and write the names in as you read!

🥡 a ugly cry book 
🥡 an anthology (a book full of short stories)
🥡 a book from the bottom of your TBR
🥡 a book you swore you would never read
🥡 a book you have wanted to re-read
🥡 a book that is a current best-seller
🥡 a book with a zombie
🥡 a book a family member recommends 
🥡 a paranormal romance 
🥡 a popular book
🥡 a book based on a fairy tale
🥡 a dystopian novel
🥡 a book without a person on the cover 
🥡 read a free book
🥡 a book by an author you have never herd of
🥡 a book chosen for you by a spouse/friend
🥡 a book you own but have never read
🥡 a book set someplace you have wanted to visit
🥡 a book with a color in the title
🥡 a book set in high school
🥡 a book with an angel
🥡 a book turned movie
🥡 a banned book
🥡 a book set in the future
🥡 a book about a vacation
🥡 a book with a girl main character 
🥡 a book set at the beach
🥡 a book with a character with the same name as you
🥡 a book set in college
🥡 a funny book
🥡 a book that scares you
🥡 a book with a one word title
🥡 a book set in a different country
🥡 a dark book 
🥡 a sports romance
🥡 a book with magic
🥡 a book with a number in the title
🥡 a book with bad reviews
🥡 a book based entirely on the cover (go against the grain! judge a book by its cover.)
🥡 a holiday themed book
🥡 a book with a color in the title 
🥡 a first book in a series
🥡 a book set in the future
🥡 a book set in the past
🥡 a book with a famous character 
🥡 a book about a small business 
🥡 a book with a chef/baker as a character 
🥡 a short book 100 pages or less
🥡 a mystery or thriller
🥡 a book written by an author with the same name as you 

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