Friday, June 9, 2017

Freebie Friday goodies

.•´ *•¸.•` ¤ #FREE BOOKS ¤´ *•¸.•`•.
Get the Legacy of Secrets series for FREE Yes that is right! You can get the Legacy of Secrets, all 5 books available from author Lisa Logue, for free for a limited time only! Meet Lia and Christian and join them on their journey in this epic romantic fantasy!

.•´ *•¸.•` ¤Lia's journey has been anything but easy. Each book in the series builds upon Lia's story, and those of her friends and family, as they begin to embark on a battle against evil that will change their lives irrevocably. The choices they make and the company they keep will, in the end, determine the fate of their world. Only the spirits of the past have the answers that can lead her to victory and she's the key to it all..•´ *•¸.•` ¤

Cursed Secrets: Book 1
Fire & Ice: A Legacy of Secrets Novella 1.5
Binding Secrets: Book 2
Soul Covenant: A Legacy of Secrets Novella 2.5
Fiery Secrets: Book 3
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