Thursday, May 18, 2017

Only Skin Deep by NL Greene review

Mateo’s perfectly normal life was upended one fateful night when tragedy struck his family. After years of running the streets and fighting the temptations that would surely make him spiral out of control, he finds himself somewhere unexpected. At the gym, he isn’t a troubled kid on the streets. He’s a fighter.

Elizabeth has never known normal; she’s never known love. Born to parents who thought she was better off as an ashtray than a kid, she quickly learned that the only person she could ever trust was herself. When she was taken away from home and thrust into the system, she traded one form of torture for another.

When their paths converge, Mateo thinks he’s met the girl of his dreams, but Elizabeth’s past rears its ugly head.

Can two broken people find a way to overcome their challenges and find love in one another? Or will the skeletons in their closets tear them from each other's arms?

So on Facebook I asked for recommendations for dark romance. Well I had a bunch posted and this was one of them. I am so glad I got it and read it. I never did read the description to be honest. Just one clicked it and hoped for the best.

A FIGHTER!! oh so swoony.. One of my favorite men to read. I wasn't aware this book had one of those. 

The feels!!  Such a good balance of suspense and romance. There are times you just want to grab the character and give em a great big hug and others that you are just on the edge of your seat biting your nails. The pace of this story keeps you into it throughout the whole book. And the combination of themes, just wow. It worked.

I am excited to try more work from this author in the future.

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