Wednesday, April 26, 2017

book blogger struggles

So I am sitting here staring at my kindle wondering what am I going to start reading. I have sooo many books and nothing is screaming at me today. I have come to the conclusion I am no longer going to have a reading schedule. 

What does this mean? Well I am not going to sign up for arc's any longer. Sad right. Well not really. For me that is. There are so many books I have bought over the last 5 years and do you know how many I have read? Not many of them. It is easy to get caught up signing up to get arc's and scheduling posts out. You know what just hit me, it's not fun. When it no longer becomes fun something has to change. I tried to limit my sign ups I do. It still isn't working. 

I am an emotional reader and each day I feel like something else. So I have a handful of arc's I am sitting on now. You know what. honestly I have not read them. Why you ask. Well they aren't bad books. they aren't DNF books, I just am not in the mood for them. I have been reading more from my blacklist of things I have bought before this year. 

Most people know the struggle of starting a book and just not feeling it. Or the dreaded reading funk. It happens. How do you beat it? I have heard some go back and re-read a fav. I just wait till I pick up my kindle and something jumps at me and go with the flow. 

I spend hours scheduling posts on my blog FB page and frankly is it a waste of time? What is the problem? Is it FB because they don't allow posts to be seen by page likers, is it that bloggers post stuff for people and they don't come back and comment or like the post, is it that it is the wrong material to be posting, or is it something else all together? This goes through my head on a day to day basis. Hours of getting posts ready and then worrying why people don't interact.. Not cool. 

Then we have emails and Facebook messages and Instagram messages and twitter and so on.. This is the most time consuming of all. My goal has always been to read and spread the word. I spend more time doing sign ups and scheduling and checking messages, 

To sum it up a stressed blogger is not a happy blogger. When it is your hobby to blog, it is supposed to be fun and enjoyable. That is what I am getting back to. I can imagine that people who come to this blog don't want to see generic posts and the same thing you can find elsewhere. That has been changing. If you have any ideas or something you want to see comment below and let me know. 

Well that is my rambling for today. Happy reading book lovers. 

xoxo Brenda

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