Sunday, March 12, 2017

Make Me Whole & Forgive Me by Kaithlin Shepherd REVIEWS

--Make Me Whole--
Take the journey with the oldest Callaway brother as he finds and fights for true love.

Surviving the unimaginable, Jamie Caldwell finds herself at a crossroads. Her only chance at a full recovery sends her to Montana. Anxious but determined, Jamie is resolute on her mission to break free from her past, leading her into the care of Cole Callaway. Instantly, everything changes. Jamie knows the cowboy has the ability to help fight her demons, but opening up to him also gives him the power she’s just not ready to relinquish.

Returning from Afghanistan a different man, Cole Callaway is damaged. His new mission leads him to supporting wounded veterans and helping them get back some of what they’ve lost. With his own demons to battle, every day is a trial, but the moment Jamie Caldwell walks into his life, his focus and aim changes. Cole faces the biggest challenge of his life: Make Jamie stay in Montana and if he has his way, into his bed.
This is just a beautiful book. For me it has all the feels.  Parts of this story had me crying. I love both of these characters. Their ups & downs, and the couple they become together. 
Starting this book, the feels start right off the bat with Jamie. Then later on you get Cole. They are both broken in their own. That made my heart break for both these characters. Cole has had time and help in healing. But in the end they are just what each other needs.After this I just had to dive right into book 2.

-- Forgive Me --
Sometimes your first love is also your last.

Andrew Callaway doesn't do love — not since Amanda broke his heart and left him in a cloud of dust. Devoting himself to the family ranch, he’s determined to be the man his dad would be proud of, minus the one-night stands and stream of mistakes. Five years after watching her drive away, his first love is back. Andrew finds himself wanting more than meaningless easy conquests, a lot more.

Following her dream of becoming a chef, Amanda Watkins left Montana with a beat-up pickup truck and a broken heart. Five years after watching Andrew fade away in her rear-view mirror, she's back and is dead set on avoiding the man she still dreams about. When she's hired to cater for a Callaway celebration, sparks fly and old emotions run hot. If she thought the boy she knew was dangerous, she's about to find out that the man he became is lethal.

Blame is a dangerous game to play, but forgiveness takes courage that may just prove too difficult to reach.
 Both books 1 & 2 are great. I think book 2 is just a little better. This book also gives me the feels. I loved it! You just get such a feel for the characters, that you feel for them while you are reading. Its like they are your friends and you are going through what they do right along with them. 
Drew is so dang swoonworthy...
It's just a hot and sexy romance that I love. 
I love these Callaway men and can't wait to get more of them.

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