Sunday, February 12, 2017

The Surrender of Luella by Jennifer Lassalle Edwards review

 My daydreams are the web I weave to deceive my brain, and ultimately, escape my reality. After all, isn’t happiness the lies we create to make it through life? – Luella Parker 

Disappointed by people her whole life, shy and introverted Luella Parker prefers the company of her dreams and books instead. 

Stuck in a dead end job with a boss who resented her presence, Luella longed for an escape from her solitary reality. Her wild fantasies provided her that exodus. 

A dropped book on a bench changes everything. After a stranger tries to return the book she left behind, Fletcher Stevens approaches her for more. He offers her a life altering proposition. 

Fletcher’s proposal would allow her to bring all of her wicked desires to life. As Fletcher and Luella explore her kinky wishes through their arrangement. 

Could this be all of her dreams coming true, becoming a My Fair Lady of Kink? 

I loved this book! Pretty sure there is only one teensy little thing I didn't like and I an sure the author knows exactly what that is LOL.. A kindle throwing, tantrum invoking, ending...
Ok so this is a bit of an emotional read. Luella is someone I think is a character you could relate to in many ways. The story follows Luella on her journey to self discovery.
I love Jennifer's books and the way she writes and I was no way dissapointed reading this one. 

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