Friday, February 3, 2017

Revival by M.K. Gilher REVIEW

 Sexy alpha-male doctor fights to the death to shield his true love from a brewing mafia war.

He's a surgeon, he's a cage fighter, he's not a good boy. I feel as if I know him, yet I'm sure I don't. Dr. Jacade J. Jordan, my mystifying sex god on a stick.

Damn, she's delectable. My sweet Ivy. I want to eat her alive. But how can I possess her when she doesn't even know me? When the deception runs too deep? When I've killed for her and would do it again in a heartbeat? How can I watch her submit so perfectly when I am the one at her feet?

Enjoy the ride in the Windy City as Ivy and Jacade's timeless love story unfolds in the Return to Us Trilogy.

This book, just wow. I was kept on edge reading. I seriously need book 2 now. There is no way ending that way I can't not get that book to read. Its a trilogy, says so right in the blurb so be prepared to read the series. 
Lots and lots of hotness in this book. I absolutely loved Dr. Jordan. *swoons*
I was a bit worried because it is a mafia romance, well it shows up really it does. This book will have your head spinning trying to figure stuff out. I am still left with so many questions I need answers to. I just need more!!!

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