Sunday, February 12, 2017

Midnight Passions (book 1 & 2) by L.M. Roberts reviews

 ~Quarter 'till Midnight~


I’m just your ordinary girl trying to make her way through the world. I’ve got no money, barely a place to lay my head down at night, and a serious fucking crush on my new boss. I don’t know what the hell is wrong with me, but there isn’t a moment that passes by that I don’t think of him. He’s everywhere—in the air I breathe and the sun streaming through the window. There’s a flutter in my heart whenever I get near him. 

How’s a girl supposed to act professional, when all she wants to do is get down and dirty with her boss? 


Damn! I thought my life was a wreck before. Now I know that for a fact. I can’t take my eyes off my new assistant, Natalie. It’s been that way since the moment she ran into my office. I get hard at just the thought of her in those fuck-me heels, and I’ll be damned if I don’t catch her flirty little winks every time we pass one another. 

If things don’t change, I may do something I end up regretting. And that’s taking her up against any available surface in my office—repeatedly. 

What’s a guy to do when heaven is being dangled right in front of him? 

I’ll tell you what, any other man with a raging boner would start questioning his sanity for staying away. I just hope I have enough control to do just that when all I want to do is lose myself in her. 

~Stroke of Midnight~

Every time I see her in one of those tight skirts and four-inch fuck-me heels, it drives me wild. I need her more than my next breath of air. 

And I will have her. She will be mine. 

I just hope she’s ready for what’s in store for her, because I will not stop until she’s screaming my name to the rafters. 


That man is an enigma. One minute he’s the cold, calculated Mr. Shaw I happened upon when I started here. The next minute, he’s so sweet, caring, and over-the-top HOT! His mere presence has my body singing like no other. 

I’m lost—consumed by the sexual tension flowing between us. 

But will our need for each other be enough for him not to break me?

~ Quarter 'till Midnight~
Good read. This book is full of sexual tension between characters. Keith the alpha male boss and his pa a young Natalie. But, Keith has already let one woman in and got burned. He is not willing to let that happen again, or is he? Both characters know its wrong and yet the attraction between them sizzles. I am so excited to see what book 2 holds, it's about to get good! And by good I am hoping means HOT!
~Stroke of Midnight~
I found this book to have a lot of LOL moments. I mean you go from sexy pantie melting hotness to laughing. Very enjoyable to read like that. I liked this second part. Was a good continuation to the first.

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