Sunday, February 12, 2017

Housing Elephants by Eleanor Lloyd-Jones review

“… And the greatest of these is love.” 

Love is patient and kind… Its strength can build bridges and knock down walls. It can give people hope - a purpose. But there is a side to love that is unforgiving and cruel - a side to love that breaks hearts. 

Love can suffocate, and love can turn to hate. 

Billy Taylor meandered through life, only ever giving half. Ruled by his father’s grief, he gave up on his own dreams in a bid to keep life ticking along, desperately craving the unconditional love of his parents. It wasn’t until Eve Swallow fell into his life again, rousing his empty heart, that he dared to hope for a chance to live life on his terms. 

Never quite good enough in the eyes of her overpowering mother, Eve kept herself locked away inside her own head, immersing herself in her passion for art and music, and doing anything in her power to avoid getting close to anyone. When she connected with Billy’s eyes, that still haunted her dreams after so long, fear kicked in, and all she could do was the one thing she was sure would protect her… 


If two lost souls were to collide and a love so deep was born, it would surely take a herd of elephants to tear them apart… 

*Warning: Contains scenes that some readers may find upsetting*

I thought I was prepared for this book. I knew that it was gonna be emotional, but holy s@#$. Yep I was a total wreck. 
There is a point in the book where the title just clicks. If you choose to get this book and read it you will know exactly what I am talking about. 
The romance in this book is just perfect, slow and sweet.
Overall this is just a deep, emotional read that will grip you from the start and not let you go till the very end.
I am pretty sure I won't think twice to one click Eleanor Lloyd-Jones ever. She has me hooked!

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