Saturday, February 11, 2017

Destroying the Soul by L. Grubb & Abigail Davies

*this book is available for pre-order and comes out Feb. 20*
I’m a man with a troubled past. Growing up with a drug addict for a mother and trying to be both mom and dad for my little brother was hard, but I was determined to get us out of that hellhole. To make my business legit and make some real money so I could make sure he had everything he needed. 

I was on a one track mission, bounding ahead with tunnel vision.

That was until her. 

Until I saw her sweet face behind the counter of the coffee shop and suddenly, I had another focus. 

She had an aura of sadness about her that drew me in. Her softly spoken words made me wish I could listen to her all day long. The invisible thread that connected us started getting smaller and smaller as time went on, bringing us closer than I’d ever been to anyone before.

At least, I thought we were close. I had no idea that she was suffering at the hands of a monster. A monster who did everything he could to keep me from her. He ripped me away from her when she needed me most and I was powerless to fight against the law, even if I didn’t break it.

Years later, after finally finding her again he turns up, the monster that haunts her memories. I won’t let him keep me away from her again and I certainly won’t let him hurt her.

I’ll do anything to protect her. Torture, maim, kill. And I’ll do it all without a second thought or conscience.

*** WARNING ***

This book contains GRAPHIC content that may disturb some readers. 18+ is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for this book. This story contains matters that may trigger memories for some people. 

This book contains scenes that aren't suitable for under 18's

 I shall start out saying people there is a warning for a reason. If you do not like books with some fucked up graphic content that is very disturbing, then this may not be for you. If you like it then go for it!!
I love dark reads. And this one is not a disappointment. It caused my heart to break at times. The past is not something pretty. There is pain and suffering. It tore at my heart the past Jas has. 
I really liked these two characters and that Jay gets to do what he got to do. Is it wrong I loved every minute of the torture he dished out? Its brutal, it's disturbing, and downright discussing. 

I really liked all the characters in this book. I loved how it all played out. Well done ladies.
In a sick and twisted way this is a fun read. I guess I am just a messed up person who liked disturbing shit. 

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