Friday, February 3, 2017

The Precious Ruby by C. Renee REVIEW

At twenty-five, Louise Carter has lived a life beyond her years; she has endured emotional and physical abuse and has now found the courage to leave her biker ex-boyfriend.

When Louise moves back into town and in with her best friend, all aspects of her life start to fall into place until something unexpected happens ... she meets Alex, a rich playboy and known womanizer.

Alex wonders whether he has met Louise previously as she piques his interest in ways no other woman has before… 

Will Louise fall for his fake personality, or will she have time to fall for the real one? 

 This was a really really good book. I was on the edge of my seat reading. Wondering what is going to happen next, I couldn't guess what was coming. I think this was heck of an debut book from this author. I loved the characters especially Alex. He is just so swoon worthy.
The end though OMG!! I was crying and wanted to throw my kindle... Gimme the next one soon pretty please!!!

The only thing I had issues with is I think the emotion in this book could run deeper. It was there but could have just been more.

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