Tuesday, February 28, 2017

A Chance At Forever by K.B. Andrews

Mason knew where his life was going, until it was all taken away from him. Left with bitterness and resentment, he forces himself to live the life he never wanted. 
Lennox came blowing into town looking for a new start. She had big dreams and would do anything to make them come true. 
Lennox was just what Mason didn’t know he needed. 
But what happens when Lennox is offered her dream? 
Will Mason let his life walk away from him a second time, or will he fight to keep her? 
Written in Mason and Lennox's POV. 
Book One in The Chance Series 
Disclaimer: This story contains mature themes, strong language, underage drinking, and sexual situations. It is intended for mature adults.
This is a cute love story. Kind of cheesy in a way and sweet. It's an insta-love type of read. A first love with some steam and some high school drama. The characters are fun, the story is a good.

There was a few things I didn't like in this story. They were more confusing and din't make sense as the story is told. The underage drinking and where it took place. The way her dad was talking to Mason. And I felt like Ashley was just fluff to add to the story.

After reading this I will at some point read book 2. After all I do want to know what happens. 

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