Thursday, January 26, 2017

Worth the Wait by K.M. Neuhold REVIEW

**This is a New Adult romance novel containing some themes of domestic abuse, non-consensual sex, and explicit sex scenes. Recommended for 17+


I have issues. Like, serious, major issues. And, the last thing I want or need is a man in my life to make things more complicated. Unfortunately for me my roommates drop dead gorgeous brother seems hell bent on seducing me. And, what’s worse is that he’s kind of the perfect guy. Resisting him just might kill me. 


I don’t do relationships. I prefer to keep things casual, and I’m always up front with women so that no one ever gets hurt. But, my sister’s new roommate…yeah I might have a small obsession. Or, maybe I should say a TARDIS obsession because there’s a 100% chance that it’s bigger on the inside. What the hell is a guy supposed to do though when he meets a woman who is not only beautiful but also feisty, fun, and way into nerd culture? I may be doomed. 

I really liked this book. It is funny, it has steam, all the nerdyness is awesome, and there happen to be hard topics causing emotions to rise. Both characters have some sort of messed up past. Abby's is darker though.  I really really loved Ethan. He was my fav. character in this book. Ok when it comes to the emotional / hard topics in this book I think the author did a fantastic job writing. They didn't seem unrealistic at all. The story came across as totally realistic. And the funny moments and sweet moments really break up all that. I felt a wide range of emotions reading. I loved the laugh out loud moments. Besides the wanting to shake a certain character, the story came together nicely. I'd recommend it to anyone who likes sweet romances but want to feel emotions reading. 

seriously this is my fav part! funny and sexy, whats not to love :) 

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