Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Whispers From The East by Katie Fox & Eleanor-Lloyd Jones REVIEW

Loneliness is a desolate feeling that claws its way into the very fabric of your life, dragging you to despair. It is an isolation of your heart and soul and a rejection of everything you are, and everything you try to be, by the very people who should be showering you with love and acceptance...

A life of solitude becomes the norm for Charlotte Whittaker. An emptiness fills her with a void so big that she finds herself running to escape it—running to be alone... It takes a new country and a new outlook on friendship for her to begin to build up her trust in others again.

Easton James wraps his heart in tissue paper, locking it away and hiding the key, as he tries to put distance between it and the life he thought was already paved for him. He walks a lonely man—a band of patient friends by his side—searching for answers that will reunite him with the man he knows hides deep inside of himself.

Travelling roads of uncertainty that push and pull them like magnets, the pair discover a middle ground on uncharted territory that gives them hope for a chance at a new kind of love.

**Please Note: This book is written in both US and UK English, as the characters are American and British. In order to keep our characters true and original, they have written their parts of the story using their respective spellings/terms/phrases.

***This, full-length, standalone novel contains adult/mature young adult situations. It is only suitable for ages 18+ due to language, violence, and sexual situations.

 Okay so first off I have to say how much I love this cover! And for more reason than one. Sometimes when you get a face on a cover it doesn't do the character justice. BUT omg! this is so Charlie! I mean dead on. I love that so hard. I pictured her throughout the book just as that and with absolutely no disappointment in the way she looks.
These two characters grabbed me from the beginning. Charlie and Easton.. Two lost people looking for? Well, they are looking for themselves. Part of them has been missing. They both have something they are running from. 
The journey I took with these characters and them finding what was missing from them. Ohhh.. how do I put it. It just comes to life before you. This is a book you can fully immerse yourself in and get lost. I would say these characters are flawed, they are far from perfect. There are times you want to smack them and yell. But I still love them.
There is just so much to this story. It is a beautiful story, well I would say its a journey.  And the pages hold so much! There is a ton of emotion running deep withing the pages. I laughed, I cried, I got mad, and I loved every minute of it. Well worth the time reading.
I do hope Katie and Eleanor write another story together at some point! They did such a marvelous job on this one I would love to get to read something they co-write again.

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