Friday, January 20, 2017

Surviving Earth by Cora A. Murray REVIEW

 After two years of being alone, keeping death at bay by sheer will, Makayla isn't sure if she was fit for humanity, much less a young girl and two teen boys. 

At 19 she's seen and done things that would make your blood curdle and survived it all with the aid of her Dad's Glock, a sawed-off shotgun, her katana and the skills she learned from her Dad. But, as the days pass life is breaking her down. 

Will Makayla survive the Earth that has been left or will she fall prey to what hides in the shadows?

I don't normally read zombie books. I enjoy some but not a huge fan. I am beginning to really love dystopian though. 
This story pulled me in from the start and I really got into it and liked it. A story full of action and suspense to keep you on your toes throughout the whole book.  
Anyone who loves zombies and apocalyptic stories will love this one. 

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