Friday, December 9, 2016

Best of 2016

2016 has been an amazing year, these are my book highlights to share.
there are so many more amazing books I have read this year. but I can't have a video that takes you a year to watch

-top dark read: The Risk by S.T. Abby
-most emotional read: Jumping Puddles by Rachael Brownell
-favorite YA book: Travesty by Carrie Thomas
-fav historical book: Diamonds Fall by Rebecca M Gibson
-fav. paranormal read: Demigods and Monsters by Raye Wagner
-fav. cowboy romance: Loved by my cowboy by Brooke Ma
-fav. steamy romance book: Sex Sessions: Uncut by Charisse Spiers
-fav LGBT book/series: Prairie Town series by T E Ridener
-fav. anthology:  7: The Seven Deadly Sins
-fav. cover: Friction by Casey L Bond 
with cover model Daniel Wells
-fav. new author author: 180 days by TE Ridener
-fav sports romance: The Predator part 1 by Brooke May
-fav book boyfriend: Owen Hudson in Saving Bliss by Rachael Brownell
-book blog fan of the year: Shannon Anderson 
-best book club: B.A.N.G. 
-fav street team: S.A.S.S.
-fav. promoter to work with: Lady Amber's Reviews & PR
-authors I have seen at events: Aria Michaels, Amy Manemann, Remi Hunter

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  1. I FLOVE the Risk by ST Abby. One of the best books ever.