Friday, November 18, 2016

Travesty by Carrie Thomas REVIEW

*****This book is YA, but does contain a darker theme and some language.*****

Waking up in a house she doesn’t recognize, sixteen-year-old, Sophia Sawyer, tries not to let the blankness of her mind terrorize her from the inside out. How can she not know who she is? How has she ended up chained in a basement? Trying to work through her fear, she sets her sights on escaping. When an opportunity arises, she puts her trust in a boy she doesn’t know, praying he will save her life.
At age four, Abram Scott learned life owes him nothing, while fourteen taught him how to throw a punch—and take one. Seventeen though… seventeen provides him with the best and worst year of his life. Before he is old enough to fight for his country, he will escape his own personal hell, save a life, live a lie, break the law, fall in love, betray that love… then lose it.
Letting Sophia go while not knowing if she will return, turns into the scariest decision Abram will ever make. But that’s the problem with living a lie; at some point, you have to decide which one is your truth.
So I'm going to be totally honest with you by saying I never read the blurb to this book before jumping in and reading it. I was seriously blown away by what the pages held. This story is a darker theme with some very heavy content. I found it to be dark, intense, thrilling, emotional, and romantic. My feeling were all over and I felt so much. I can't even begin to explain it. I honestly was not expecting that. 

I fell in love with Abe and Sophia, their strength and their ability to deal with the situation they were thrown in. NEVER have I ever read a book with a younger guy like this that takes a bad situation such as these characters were given, and turns it around the way Abe did. He was truly a remarkable character. 

You have done an amazing job writing this book Carrie!! 
By the end I in no way wanted it to be over. The ending brought so many tears! well ok, ok, I will be honest here. It was more like the last 10-15%... heck this review is being written with tears in my eyes. Make that a fair warning to have a pack of tissues close. 

To any reader who likes to be taken on an ride, have your heart put through the ringer, broken to shreds, patched up, and have it broken again, and somehow make it out whole in the end. This book is for you!! I would highly recommend it. 

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  1. This.Is.Perfect. I have no words...thank you!!! <3