Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Through the Darkness by Amy Manemann

Lightkeeper Willa Devries is struggling with both her newfound powers and her puzzling feelings over the two men in her life. Since being thrust into the magical world, Guardian Braeden Mathieson has been her rock, and when she’s safe in his arms, the weight resting on her shoulders fades away. Lucian is a Warlock, albeit an annoyingly charming one. It’s bad enough he’s already wormed his way into her mind using his magic to connect their thoughts. The charming Warlock also seems to have taken an avid interest in amusing himself with her love life. 

The lunar eclipse marks the night when magical powers will be at their fullest. Ronan Vale, Willa’s estranged father and high wizard of the Underworld, has captured innocent lightkeepers, Addison and Riley, and intends to kill them during the eclipse ceremony. By consuming their light powers in death, his powers will be unmatched by anyone, and not even the most powerful lightkeeper in history will be able to stop him from bringing forth the darkness.

This book was such a great continuation to this series. I love Braden and Willa. 
It was full of action, magic, and magical creatures. 
And the twists that came! I was seriously shocked by what Willa learned. I did not see that coming. And the end!! I sure do look forward to more in the Lightkeeper series.
If you are a paranormal lover it is worth picking up and reading! Jump into the Lightkeeper series and joing Willa on her journey.