Monday, November 7, 2016

The Predator part one by Brooke May REVIEW

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I spent most of my life a disappointment, unwanted, and unloved. That is how I knew life to be until a low whistle pulled everything I knew upside down and inside out.

Chamberlain Lawrence was a man any woman would dream of. He was kind, sweet, and saw me for something no one else had ever seen before. Or so I thought. I fell for him hard and fast. I thought what we had was real and could last a lifetime. I thought what we had was a type of fighting love, one of such love we would last forever.

I should have paid closer attention to the signs around me. Chamberlain was too handsome, too charming, and too perfect to ever really want something like forever with a girl like me. Just as fast as I feel for him, I burned up faster. I'm left alone in life again with a broken heart, but a strong will to survive on my own.

I seriously loved this book. It is part one and there is more to come. 
It is different from Brooke May's other books. there is a lot more heat to it.
I absolutely love Chamberlain!! I mean whats not there to love.. read the descriptors of him :) 
6ft something, dark blond, piercing blue eyes, thick arms with tats, six pack, and the V! all muscle hehe oh yea love all that! gotta FLOVE a fighter.
ok back to the story... So they basically come from different sides of the tracks. KC is not what you would think of a rich girl from a family like hers. But they work for each other. I really liked how they met. 
There is lots of heat and action in this book. It kept my heart pumping and had me biting my nails. You just know something big is gonna happen but don't know when then BAM! the end is here.
What I didn't like. I did not care for Chamberlain's friend  Gwen. Maybe it is just me, or maybe there is more to the butch babe than we think.... I need more to find out.
I will be impatiently awaiting the next book. Cause Ending like that I have got to know what happens next. 

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