Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Scattered Pieces by Allie Able review

The quaint coastal town of Cape Isle, South Carolina, is the perfect spot for Summer Foster when she escapes her abusive husband. 

Finally able to live her dream of owning a bakery, Summer begins the task of rebuilding her life, making sure there is no room for romance or relationships, because in her experience they only lead to trouble. However, when Grant Hamilton, who has served as a Marine for the last ten years, crosses her path, the chance encounter has them both rethinking their futures, as there is no denying the magnetic pull they feel towards each other. 
When Summer’s past returns to haunt her, will Grant help Summer pick up the scattered pieces of her life, or will they all fall apart? 

From the start of this book my heart broke for Summer. It drew me right into her story, and actually shocked the heck out of me. I wasn't expecting all that to start off. 

Following Summer and seeing the scattered pieces of her come together was just really a great story. I enjoyed it so much. And Grant, oh my gosh! what an amazing guy.  He was so good with her. 

I really can't believe this was Allie's first book. Such an amazing job writing. It just flows so smoothly and I got right into in and then before you know it BAM "the end" 

Truly a beautiful story (even with the bad)
 love, hurt, moving on, healing, and becoming whole again and letting love back in. All crammed into this one book! 

I have the whole series so I am going into book 2 to see what it holds.

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