Sunday, November 13, 2016

Disaster at Roosevelt Ranch by Elise Faber ARC REVIEW

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I slept with the wrong twin.
And all I got for it in return was a broken heart. 
Oh yeah, and a baby on the way—there’s that too.
But I’m determined to make it on my own. I don’t need a man, thank you very much. Not rich, charismatic, and decidedly flighty Rex Roosevelt, and especially not his twin brother, Justin.
No matter that the gorgeous former military doctor makes my heart beat a little faster . . . and all spots lower pay careful, careful attention. 
None of that matters. The Roosevelt men are dangerous and I’m steering clear.
The trouble is, Justin refuses to leave me be.
And deep down, I don’t want to avoid him. 
Deep down, I want to be even closer.
This is book one in the series. Justin is used to cleaning up his twin brother Rex's messes. This time is different, Rex leaves town and the ranch behind. She is a waitress, a farm hand, and soon to be something more... Her brothers baby's mother? 
I really liked the book. Its a sweet, funny, and romantic story. Kelly has some wonderful people supporting her. You really get the small town feel, everyone is like family. As with most of Elise's books it s a fun mix of romance and funny. They kind of balance each other out and make it a nice light read. I love how the characters get along in her books. Parts had me laughing and falling in love with her characters. 
All in all a great book to curl up with. If you like romances that take place on a ranch/farm you will love this one. 

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