Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Why I Write Erotics guest post buy Scarlett Redd

Why do I write Erotica? By Scarlett Redd

I am a very naughty person who loves sex. Therefore, what better to be able to write about than a topic I enjoy. I love reading and writing erotica. I'm so fortunate to be able to write what I enjoy and get some stress relief from everyday life. I am lucky to be able to have fun bringing out my expressive and creative side with my writing all while being a mom and my real life job.
Sex is part of our every day lives these days whether we happen to be in a relationship or not. We are bombarded with sex on a daily basis on tv, movies, magazines or on billboards.  In this day and age, and forever really, sex does sell.

I started writing after a friend started prodding me and telling me to go for it. He was impressed with some pieces he'd seen me writing and pushed me to write and get out there. I didn’t think I had it in me but surprised myself. I currently have a couple of erotic shorts Always and Luck of an Ice Badger. My two novels currently out are Five Miles Out and Savannah's Legacy. I'm currently working on a couple of novels along with three erotic shorts to go in an anthology with an author friend of mine.

I wanted to write my erotica stories with a twist hopefully people don’t see coming. I wanted to get in people's heads to make them think not just affecting them between their legs as it were. Its important to not just describe the sex going on but to explain everything the characters see and feel. Where they are and how they react so the reader can envision the scene you're describing to them.

Hopefully when writing a scene if it turns me on or makes me feel emotional, it will hopefully do the same to my readers. You still need to have a story and plot and characters to build up your story. Otherwise you would never hold the readers interest for long if you're just concentrating on the sex alone. That challenge motivates me more to write more, and that is why I write erotica.

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