Thursday, October 27, 2016

Overdose by Raven St. Pierre REVIEW

**Special Notice: This romance is of the darker variety, contains adult themes, and sexually explicit content. The hero is flawed and dirty. Consider yourself warned** Insomniac. Narcissist. Sex addict. …the only description sex therapist, Vanessa Ferris, was given of her newest patient, a fellow psychologist, Dr. Zander Hale. From the moment he entered her office, she knew he’d be trouble—possibly the good kind. What she wasn’t prepared for was how he’d blindside her; how he would challenge everything she thought she knew about her profession, about herself. There are certain lines a doctor is warned never to cross with their patients, but she didn’t listen. Now, they’re both addicted. One hit was all it took. ***AUTHOR NOTE: "OVERDOSE" is a full-length standalone, bursting at the seams with sexual heat, thanks to one smoking hot bad-boy and his feisty, no nonsense therapist. Expect a dark tale of erotic romance with no cliffhanger. This story is not for the faint of heart and is definitely intended for readers 18 and older. (130,000+ words) ***TRIGGER WARNING: Be advised, this book contains a brief, nondescript reference to sexual abuse and other violent acts that some readers may find offensive. 
Honestly I was dissapointed. I was hoping for more with this book. At 60% the story finally picked up. But it was kinda boring till then. I would say it is a good story, I probably wouldn't read it again though.

The first 60% of this book I kept expecting something, anything big to happen.. it never came. It was more of the same thing repeatedly over that 60%.  A cat and mouse game if you will.
I do say I did really like Zander though. He was the only character I did like in this book. 
Finally the story picks up after that though. The end is where the plot thickens and is the most interesting.

Ok so Vanessa is a sex therapist. I expected there to be sexual issues and maybe even strange  perversions going on. I thought it was all really tame compared to what it could have been. And as a character she just irritated me most of the story.  

All in all a ok story. There is a lot of heat. But it seemed something was missing and I can't put my finger on just what that is.

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