Monday, October 17, 2016

One of These Days by T.E. Ridener REVIEW

One of These Days (Prairie Town Book 4) by [Ridener, T.E.]

Like most of their neighbors, Ags and Jeb find themselves to be pretty much homeless after three tornados rip Prairie Town apart. But when Lydia and Callum invite them to come stay at their house, both of them quickly realize their new living arrangement may give them the chance they rightly deserve.

Will something blossom between them?

Will they realize they were never meant to be?

With her past nipping at her heels, Ags is terrified of what will happen if the spark between them bursts into flames. 

With nothing left to lose, Jeb will do whatever it takes to get the girl, and he’s not afraid of fire.

I was so excited to get Jeb and Aggie's story. I love everything Prairie Town. This was such a good book. The way the book went well I wasn't expecting that. I really like that in each of the books in this series that you get to revisit old characters, many times you get a new glimpse of the characters you have met or already read about. Aggie has some struggles she has to get through and Jeb just may be the person to help her. 

The best way to tell you why I would recommend reading this series is because TE brings these characters to life. They are real and face real problems. The feelings you get reading these books are just amazing. Prairie Town isn't just a town in these books, it's a special place in your heart after you have read them. 

I  have to say TE Ridener is the first author that writes LGBTQ that I actually love the books she puts out. I have read some and they really just fall short. I am so happy I picked up her first book when I did and gave her a try.  She does such an amazing job writing and bringing the characters to life on the pages. I will continue to follow her on her writing journey to see what she gives us next.

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