Saturday, October 1, 2016

My First Book guest post by Jody Lynn Daniels

How the shoe dropped ?
(Or how I came up with the idea for my book “If the Shoe fits” )

So last June I was staring at my computer, debating on whether to sign up for CampNano or not. Camp Nano is an online writing challenge where you try to write a 50k book in thirty days. I’d taken the Nano challenge several times before but had never completed my 50K, or won the challenge. So I jumped in, signed up and then stared at a blank piece of paper for a couple days trying to come up with a story to write, no luck.
Needing to seek inspiration I started watching the movie Burlesque, which I’ve gotten memorized. I watched Christina Aguilera strut her stuff and sing up a storm, and then she got those shoes…THE shoes! Those amazingly sparkly incredibly expensive that only the stars can afford them, feminine and enchanting shoes.  (See what I did there? Lol)
Aren’t they dreamy…. As soon as she put the shoes on it clicked, what if Cinderella’s glass slippers were actually a pair of amazing Louboutins?  The story started to bubble from there, Cinderella loses her borrowed slippers. Then I needed a Cinderella and our prince, so more movies. Next up “The Loft” with Karl Urban, (you really must watch this movie!) When Karl stripped next to the pool, there’s my Prince! ( oh I wish! P.S. there’s also an homage to the pool scene in his movie in my book, with a yummy pool-side scene I had a great time writing.)     

So, I now had my story idea, my prince (Nicholas) and had found a fitting Cinderella (Isabella).  Then there were the stepsisters, but only one of them were wicked, and she wanted the Prince too.. (Abby of course)

The players were all set, and the story flowed, they meet, sparks fly and tensions rises. We have battles over our prince, food fights and food play! Plus a love story, and battles within a dysfunctional family. It came together pretty easy, and I won the Nano challenge! Yay me!! Once everything was just right, and I had the perfect cover I hit publish!
It’s been a whirlwind ever since then, my first published work out for everyone to read. I was so nervous, but the reviews have been very good and I’m happy and looking forward to book two being out. I’m looking forward to sharing Abby’s story with the world, (Yes she’s the wicked stepsister, but she was screaming for her own book.).
Thanks for listening to how my story came to life, I hope you enjoy it!
Happy Reading
Jody Lynn Daniels

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