Wednesday, October 19, 2016

I wish I knew then what I know now... advice for new bloggers

I don't know if you know this but I have actually been blogging books for over 4 years now! WOW It sure doesn't seem that long. It seems like yesterday I was just starting out. We all think If only I knew then what I know now. 
Over the years I have learned so much. I think there may be some things I would do differently and some I wouldn't change them at all. 

Thinking about some things I wish I knew before I began blogging... 

- How time consuming it is -
When I started I guess I just assumed you post here and there and whenever you want. Not exactly that easy. It takes a lot of time and dedication to create posts and find new material to put out there. And the never ending list of new ideas I am wanting to try.

If you are thinking about starting a blog ask yourself this How much time are you willing to spend on a blog? and do you want to split the work and maybe pair up with a friend or a few who share that love of books with you. Can you commit to a blog? 

- Reading and Blogging funks -
Ok so you never would dream in a million years that there would be a day you don't want to read! But, it does happen and probably to more people and more often than you think. So maybe you have read a book you just can't move on from, or has ripped your heart out and led you on a serious roller coaster of emotions. It is hard to move on from those books. 
Being a blogger you can just feel down and not come up with posts. It happens.
Either one you just have to find your grove again. Sometimes you just need to recharge yourself. Take a break and do something else for a while. 

- Social Media -
Did you know there is FB, twitter, google+, instagram, and who knows what else is out there! When I started I sure didn't. All these platforms can be used in different ways. Heck I am still learning Instagram LOL. All I knew starting was Facebook and my blogger webpage. Slowly adding twitter in. On each of these platforms you may have different followers. So it is a good idea to actually try them out and see what is works for you. 

- Numbers don't actually matter -
Ok so this was a big one. But, 
the number of followers you have doesn't make or break you
The number of commentators you have doesn't make or break you
You make or break yourself.
Just do what you love and ignore the numbers. Yea it is exciting to see them rise, but in the end they really don't matter. When you are blogging it is because of your love for books, don't let the numbers keep you from doing that.

- have fun -
I really mean that. Have fun with what you do. Do what you want not what you think you have to. Don't think you have to do what everyone else is doing. Be yourself and have fun. Its more enjoyable that way.

- posts- 
When you create posts for your blog maybe look at it of more like your are talking to a friend. Sending an email. There is no guideline for what you can write on YOUR blog. 
I would try to post often but when you feel like it. If that makes sense. Don't feel you have to constantly write something new. 

- reviews -
For someone just starting a blog it is fun and exciting to have someone reach out and ask if you would like to review a book. What you don't expect is the mass amounts of messages and emails asking you to review. At first I didn't want to turn anyone away. I got so behind. My advice to anyone starting out, don't overwhelm yourself. Review what you want. If your heart isn't in it you are going to burn out fast. Don't take on a book you would never pick out for yourself in the first place. 
I am now only reviewing what I want to. I want to read what I want when I want and not have a review schedule.

- graphics -
This actually plays a bigger role then I thought starting. I thought oh you can just use any ole picture and not have to worry about making pretties. WRONG! You want to have some decent images to go with your posts. Maybe even custom create your own. The sky is the limit with those. There are free photo editing software available online you can use. Don't think you have to run out and get the latest photo shop program. 
PicMokey is a good place to start and is rather easy to use. 

Those are the biggest things I really wish I knew when I started. Is there some advice you wish you knew? Advice someone gave you? Something you would tell a new blogger? leave a comment and let me know. 

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