Friday, September 9, 2016

Ruthless Beings: ABC by Ruth G. Juliano REVIEW

This is quite an interesting book. It is not your normal romance. It is the kind of book that I read a little and put it down for a bit and got right back into it. I couldn't sit and read straight through. I had to take breaks and think about what is all going on and what happened. There is just so much to the story. And I really enjoyed it. The beginning is kind of slow but after a bit things just start coming together and clicking into place. 
Just enough is revealed to keep you reading and wondering. 
Following the "billionaire baby" Amy aka Amethyst. She is a privileged young lady who is extremely naive. Growing up like she did you could understand how she is the way she is.
And after reading the book stays on your mind wondering what will book 2 hold?
I will be reading book 2 hopefully soon.

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