Friday, September 16, 2016

Author Anonymous by E.K. Blair REVIEW

Firstly I am going to apologize cause I feel like I am all over the place trying to gather my thoughts on this book. I purchased it for sheer curiosity. I was curious about it. I think it leaves more questions than you start with and they won't get answered.

For me this book is just ok. I would give it a 3 stars. I can't give it more. I was expecting to feel a tidal wave of different emotions. I have seen what others have been saying about AA. Well I didn't really feel anything reading this. That in itself was a disappointment to me. That is a big reason I don't jump on books that are "big" in the book world cause it can be a major letdown when it doesn't live up to the hype you see. This book is one big train wreck from the start and it is that way to the end. But, it is a book you can't put down you forge on and continue and had an unique plot. 

I got this book solely on the fact it sounded interesting. It sounded like something unique to read that I have not read before like ever. Trying to decide how to word my review though is a toughie. I went into this book knowing what lies within its pages. There is cheating and I knew this. That doesn't bother me though. I think what bothers me the most is the fact this is supposed to be a true account of an authors life, and to me it seem like it would me more of a ploy for marketing. I mean if this really happened why would someone want all the gory details of their life out there for all to see, regardless of it being "anonymous"? To me it seems far fetched. The story itself if it is true seems to be a chunk out of time out of a big span. So it is like you get this part and its all you get, there is no end, no coming back from the wrong turns she took.

I think EK Blair author did a good job writing this book. I think the story line is just ok. I think the end could have been more expanded on. The Character is this book never learned a lesson, never atone's for her actions, was never redeemed in the end.  I think if the character was redeemed in some way at the end or learned from their wrong, I could have reviewed this differently.

I am at a loss for words when I see people saying they can relate to Tori! I mean really. I find that messed up.

If this is in fact a true story I am just curious what is going to happen when the husband learns of a book about something eerily similar to his wife... I hate to say karma..., but lies always have a way of revealing themselves.

--lines from the book--

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