Monday, September 19, 2016

about my book for charity Guest post by Mary B Moore PLUS cover reveal

I became an author in a slightly unconventional way - after writing for years, my three best male friends basically set it up for me without me knowing and then dared me to do it. It might sound immature, but after almost twenty years of friendship this is still how we roll, so hey! I published my first book, Forever Mine, on April 2nd this year and book 2 is being released in a couple of days time on September 22nd, and so far I have to say I love it. I’ve met some of the most amazing people in the Indie community and the fun times never stop, so maybe I won’t make the 3 boys suffer too much…nah, it’s too much fun. Revenge is revenge!

On November 2nd 2005, I lost my best friend to a condition called SADS - Sudden Adult Death Syndrome caused by tachycardia. It’s the adult version of SIDS. She had been blacking out for a while, but at no point did we think that it was her heart and we were completely unprepared for the call saying that she had passed away. She was such a beautiful person that 11 years on, I still miss her just as much.

While I was planning book 2 of the Providence Series, I realized that book 3 would be released around the time of the anniversary of losing her and I decided that I wanted to use my writing to do something to raise awareness and funds for research into the condition. As it’s linked to SIDS, I spoke with my friend Trinity Hanrahan, who is also an author, and who lost her daughter to SIDS in 2004. I’d decided that my book was going to be dedicated to my best friend Claire and her daughter Lexy and that the funds from all of the pre-orders and first two weeks of sales would go to the charities SADS UK and First Candle. Then it hit me that a charity event could be held to raise awareness and funds for the charities too. From November 1-4th, we’re holding the Hearts and Halo’s event #HandH2016 on FaceBook and it will be a series of takeovers by authors and other members of the Indie Community where auctions will be held and all funds will go to the charities and we can raise awareness for the conditions and let people affected by them know that they aren’t alone. 

It was important to me to get the right photograph for the cover of book 3 and I’m such a picky person that it took me for-eh-ver to find it. Then I discovered R+M Photography and The Stable and that was it. I always have a reason for my covers, they symbolize a lot, so when I came across a picture of BT Urruela I grabbed it. The book is based on the most popular character from my series called Cole. He’s a bit of a clown, accidents always happen to him and he has a range of bizarre phobias…the best bit is, he’s based on one of the aforementioned best friends who has these conditions in real life and a lot of the incidents in the book actually happened to him too. That’s revenge at its finest right? Cole is hiding a lot from the world, though, and only shows people the side of him that he wants them to see. His past is going to be uncovered in the book so I wanted him to look serious on the cover, a side few people see of him. I also wanted there to be vulnerability because Trinity and I are very private people and opening our losses up to the public is hard and leaves you feeling exposed. Most importantly though, it was to show the vulnerability of the people affected by SADS and SIDS. When you lose someone you feel like you’re alone, especially with SADS, which few people have heard of, and with SIDS as that is your baby and no parent should ever be faced with losing their child. Muting the background color in the photo also symbolizes how when they died, a bit of the magic of our worlds went with them like with everyone who loses someone that they love. The cover turned out better than I could ever have hoped for and I’m excited to reveal it for the first time tonight. Because of the beauty of his photographs, Reggie Deanching and R+M Photography, as well as #TheStable, have become an addiction for me. I also can’t thank Reggie enough for supporting me with the event too. If for some bizarre reason you haven’t heard of R+M Photography yet (pretty much everyone has because hey awesome is awesome), you can check them out at:

R+M Photography's masterpiece was made into my cover by SK Designs ( who listened to every suggestion and vision that I had and made the perfect cover to represent both my book and the charity. I think I'll get it framed! 

For those of you who have read Forever Mine, you’ll know that I tend to have a very light hearted storyline, so incorporating SADS into Book 3 and Cole’s past has been challenging, but I do love a challenge and Cole will continue with his “issues” and accidents so I can retreat to my comfort zone periodically. 

I would really like to thank We Read With A Glass of Wine for allowing me to outline the event on their blog. For anyone interested in joining us and seeing the amazing authors and people who are taking part in the event, here’s the link:

The events will run every night from November 1st to November 4th, from 7-10pm EST

Now though, here’s the cover for Until Forever…I hope you love it as much as I do.

M xoxoxo

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