Wednesday, September 28, 2016

10 things you didn't know about me Guest post by Tricia Copeland

Ten things you don’t know about me!
  1. Even though I live in Colorado, and have no accent, I grew up in a small town in rural south Georgia and consider myself a southerner. (Yes, I drink Diet Coke for breakfast, love grits, and can’t pronounce pen and pin to save my life!)

  1. I went by my given middle name, Dawne (with a silent e), until college.

  1. I was a Girl Scout for ten years. I earned an insane number of badges for everything from horseback riding, to sewing, to water conservation.

  1. My first real job was working at a fast food restaurant called Jerry J’s as the drive thru cashier.

  1. My first car was a lima green 1971 Ford Maverick, aptly called the lima bean. Now I drive a twenty-year old Miata. I consider it a step up.

  1. I spent one summer working as a counselor at a camp for the blind. This was an amazing experience, I loved it.

  1. I am an inventor on a patent titled Biological production of tetradehydrolycopene and six others. I worked as a research scientist for four years and now work as a patent agent.

  1. I met my husband when I was twenty years old. We have three kids, a daughter and identical twin boys.

  1. To celebrate a friend’s birthday, I ran a half-marathon with her. Yes, I admit, I would have much rather gone to Las Vegas!

  1. I watched the entire Vampire Diaries series three times.

Tricia Copeland grew up in Georgia and now lives in Colorado with her family and multiple four legged and finned friends. Her new adult Being Me series includes, Is This Me?, If I Could Fly, Thinking You Know Me, and the final installment, Being Me. Drops of Sunshine is her first young adult and paranormal book. Look for her second YA story, Native One, in December. If she’s not on a trail, you can find Tricia at or on your favorite social media.

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Tricia Copeland

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