Wednesday, August 10, 2016

just a bad day....please read

Ok so Today 8/9 I got on and went to go do my blogging like any other day. I had stuff going on over the weekend so I am a few days late. and have been corresponding with people looking for posts. Well I got to get back into gmail today and I can't get in. I am not sure what happened but looks like my account is no longer there, 
I am at have a general  loss for what to do I had files for arcs, emails for posts to go up, and had lots of other emails to be coming to go up. IT IS ALL GONE!! 
my google calendar is also gone.. 
I have a general idea for my review schedule but the exact dates are GONE! 
For me this is the worst possible thing that could have happened. I do not want anyone thinking I am bailing out on them, or worse. If you are seeing this and I had something to post for you please send a copy and paste post to me on FB --> I can at least post it there. 
I apologize to anyone I am due a post but it is out of my control.

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