Sunday, August 28, 2016

Barely Yours by Charlotte Eve NEW RELEASE

Barely Yours by Charlotte Eve


This is strictly professional ... right?

I’m a serious businessman. A devoted father. And right now I’m at breaking point. I’m all my daughter has in the world, since her mother was so cruelly taken from us – just three years ago. I thought I didn’t want Tabitha raised by a nanny. But then I met Chrissie – young, passionate, and full of life. She captured Tabby’s heart in an instant, but now I must be on my guard. Because it seems like she’s melting mine, too ... 

Whoa! I did not expect the most gorgeous guy I’d ever seen in my life to offer me a job looking after his daughter. My new boss is a real English gentleman: charming and handsome. But there’s something cold about him, too. What happened to make him so distant, so reserved? And how the hell do I stay professional, now that I’m starting to develop feelings for him? 

From the author of the Taming Blake trilogy and the Dance with the Billionaire series comes the first book in a brand new trilogy. Barely Yours is the story of a handsome yet damaged English billionaire and the wilful young American girl who captures his heart.



He shows me to the front door, and then we pause for a moment, only inches away from each other, the proximity forcing me to notice all over again just how damn tall he is, as I look up to meet those deep dark eyes. There’s this crazy silence between us which suddenly feels charged with meaning, and it actually kinda scares me a little, it’s so intense, so I scramble to fill it.
“I’ve had a really great first week,” I blurt out, sounding like some silly kid.
“Thank you,” Will says simply but it’s like there’s something behind his words, too – something in the building tension between us, something in the way his eyes stay locked onto mine.
Yep, there it is again: that meaningful silence as we gaze at each other, not quite sure where we stand, two people who only a few days ago were complete strangers to each other and are now ... what exactly?
But then the weirdest thing happens. It’s like the world slows right down as Will moves his face toward mine, and I push up onto tiptoes to meet him, and as I take another deep breath of his cologne, our lips touch – so, so gently – for one, two, three, four, five seconds ... And then it’s over.
We look at each other, and while I might be a little spaced out sometimes, I know I’ve not imagined this. Yep. There’s definitely something between us – something unmistakeable. Something primal. Something that neither of us can quite control.
I can feel it, and Will must be able to, too.
We were meant to meet. I just know it. 

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