Thursday, July 14, 2016

My Cowboy by Brooke May Review

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Growing up in Northeastern Wyoming, Emma Price has always known that the ranching way of life is never easy. After losing her dad, her brother's illness and now the risk of losing everything that means something to her, Emma is in for a fight. What started off as a routine day of checking on her horses, turned her world upside down with the arrival of an old crush. 

Cade Masters spent the last ten years running. After a great tragidy struck unexpectedly he hit the road thinking no one cared. Now he is back and wanting the life he use to have on the Price Ranch. How will Emma handled her life now that Cade is back in it and wanting to pick up where he left off? Will Emma forgive him and allow him into her heart again or will she push him away? 

Life can change at the drop of a hat and the unexpected always takes you by surprise. 

Warning: This book contains adult content, not for readers under 18 years of age.

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I enjoyed Cade and Emma's story. I really liked all the characters in this book. Emma was fun to read about. She is feisty and stubborn and at times you just want to shake some sense into her.
Her and Cade together, I just loved reading it. The part in the field in the white dress, well tears happened... This was such a sweet, feel good, heartwarming story for me.
I look forward to the next book from Brooke May. I can't wait to get more from these characters and see what is to come.

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