Sunday, June 12, 2016

The Seed Of The Dragon by Serena Rose


"An amazing new spin on dragon shifter romances..." 

When up and coming model Rachel went to a party full of industry executives she was hoping her life would change.

But she did not expect this.

At that party she met the gorgeous golden-eyed Shawn who swept her off her feet and into his bed. In the end, Rachel's life did change drastically that night, she became pregnant.

Now 5 years later, Rachel is happy raising her son all by herself.

But little does she know, Shawn is a dragon shifter and that means her son has inherited his abilities and Rachel's life is about to change again in a way she could never have imagined...

If you want to read a paranormal romance that promises to be different from anything else you have previously read then this is it. Scroll up and start reading right away! 

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