Friday, June 3, 2016

The Lions Mail Order Menage by Jade White

Having been banished from their pride as cubs, Werelion duo Caleb and Tyler had always relied on each other throughout their lives. 

Both were now at the right age to find a mate but they were bored of the women they had come across in their local community. After an alcohol fueled night online led to them drunkenly ordering a pair of women from a mail order bride website, the pair knew their lives might be about to change somewhat. 

However, they never expected this. 

When the beautiful Meena turned up alone after her best friend flaked on her she assumed the deal was off but instead of sending her back the Lions realized they could take her in and share her among themselves. 

Meena never signed up to a “mail order menage” but after a short while she was not going to complain either.... 

This is a paranormal romance full of adventure, intrigue, mythology and some scenes of a sexual nature including a threesome. Please only read if these themes interest you. Scroll up and read now before this generous offer ends!

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