Saturday, June 4, 2016

Forbidden by Vesper Vaughn

She’s my stepsister. She’s forbidden. I won’t let that stop me. 

TESSA: It was only supposed to be one night. Go out, dance, take my mind off of my ex-boyfriend; having wild-hot sex with a tattooed stranger was not on the menu. Now my mom’s getting married, and my mystery man is at the wedding. 

It’s not until the march down the aisle I realize who he is, and now my new stepbrother won’t stop teasing me with his enormous…sense of humor. 

He’s entirely off-limits. So why do I want him so badly? 

JAX: We ran out of condoms before we ran out of fun. 

And now she’s my stepsister. My pregnant stepsister. Surely the baby can’t be mine, right? 

I want her more than ever, but she’s back with her weasel boyfriend. 

I’ve got dirt on him – but what I really want is to get dirty with Tessa. Too bad our parents stand in the way. 

But nothing can stop me, not even the forbidden.

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