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~ Author Alyson Santos Author Spotlight ~

Introducing …. Alyson Santos
I’m a writer, musician, and cat lover. I’m an alternative music junkie. Seriously, totally addicted. https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/QyvhltYt216P4Q0KYJSJXZQGGPl-EbY_Vpf0KI2s6R2E9FWr07vluirN46nolSM4K2FPHyr2vFZx6D2I-jIxdlbgXb7wfD2i154_hAdCiVhqfqK_ze7oi5bFH46_U9oxo3MdBg-D
I write what needs to come out, whether it’s pain, tears, or laughter. I write people and relationships, about the beauty and horror of what we do to ourselves and each other. I write love. Vengeance. Compassion. Cruelty. Trust. Betrayal. Forgiveness. Darkness, and the incredible way humans destroy and heal each other.
I like to eradicate barriers, refusing to be confined by the laws of physics or limitations of reality. I will befriend a vast population of possibilities and introduce them in ways that might surprise you.

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Night Shifts Black by Alyson Santos

His name is Luke. But nobody knows that. He was an iconic musician before he gave up music. But nobody knows that either. They also don’t know he’s twenty-seven, that he used to have an infectious laugh, and that he’s way too young to be widowed. They certainly don’t know the rest of his tragic story. All they know is that he comes into their cafĂ© at the same time every morning and stares at the same chair at the same table. They know he’s strange. They know he interrupts their breakfast with a cold blast of air as he hovers in the doorway, mustering the courage to confront a piece of furniture.
No one asks why. No one cares. He’s fine with that. He’s done with life. This isn’t even his story anymore. It’s actually Callie’s, the young writer who sat in his chair one day.

TRICENT Commissioning by Alyson Santos

They’re not saints, nor are they heroes. No, they’ve been chosen for something deeper, their strength, because they believe in Good, but understand they have to embrace the Evil in order to defeat it. They will do what saints can’t, what heroes won’t, fighting a secret war for an end that, at times, will require accepting horrific means. 

They are Tricent, the elite unit of spies branded with one mission: to protect the very foundation of Rome and stand between peace and chaos. Jason is a slave and ex-gladiator, young, beautiful, and hardened by his struggle to survive a harsh life of unspeakable evil. 

Mallia is an elite Senator’s daughter, embedded in a privileged world she’s come to despise. Argus and Tacitus are disgraced soldiers, cast from their legion and the only life they’ve known. Assembled by Severus, a retired General and close confidant of the Emperor, they will die to their old lives and be reborn as something entirely different. 

TRICENT is a modern story of intrigue, heartache, romance, and suspense set against the backdrop of an imagined Ancient Rome in all its glory and horror.

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