Saturday, May 7, 2016

Wolf's Summer by Kat Marie

Twenty years is a long time to hold a flame for someone. Jacob "Wolf" McCallin knew this painfully well. He still dreamed about Casey Toliver, the girl that had broken his heart all those years ago. She had left Cross Creek, and him, behind in her rear view without any warning. What was supposed to be a 'vacation', ended up lasting almost twenty years. Bitter and hurt by that betrayal, Wolf married Casey's best friend, Lisa. The marriage did not last. 

Casey is back in Cross Creek following the deaths of both her husband, and her grandmother. Ruth Toliver, her grandmother, had been the one that orchestrated the 'vacation' that turned into a move. Casey had not know she was moving until she was already gone. Her heart broke when her lover, Jacob, would not listen to her try to explain the situation. Next thing she knew, he was married to her former best friend, and expecting his first child. Life went on, and so did Casey. 
Ruth Toliver realized the hurt she had inflicted upon her cherished granddaughter, and in the last days of her life sought to make it right. She put a condition in her will. If Casey wished to inherit anything, she would have to marry Jacob McCallin. Things are further complicated by the fact that Casey's greedy uncle will stop at nothing, even murder, to prevent that wedding from happening. His only hope of inheriting any of the estate of his mother lays within his ability to prevent Wolf and Casey from rekindling their old affair. 
Love will find a way, even if it takes the long way to get there. Can Wolf and Casey build their bridges, find their love, and prove Wolf innocent of a murder he did not commit? 
Welcome to Cross Creek, where nothing is as it seems.

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