Sunday, May 8, 2016

Jarvis Boys by Sienna Valentine


Seven years ago I made the biggest mistake of my life. 
Slade Jarvis. Hot, ripped, and tattooed, yes. But also an arrogant prick. 
Still, even at eighteen, I should have known better than to let him seduce me. I was taken in by his charm, even though I knew he really only cared about one thing: himself. 
He taught me everything I know about sex, but then he screwed me in another way before disappearing from my life. Fuck him. 
Did I mention he is my stepbrother? Yeah. There’s that, too. 
But now my real brother is in trouble and Slade is the only one who can help. My parents want nothing to do with him, which means I can count on them to help find him, even to help Kellan. 
That leaves it up to me. 
But I don't ever want to see Slade again, either... do I? 

They call me Killer. 
Killer Kellan. It's a name I earned in Afghanistan, before I ever set foot in a ring. 
I’ve been a screw-up my entire life, but joining the Marines was supposed to straighten me out. Instead, all it did was make me dangerous. 
Now that I was back home, I had nothing to offer anyone but pain. No path in my future leading to anything but misery. You’d think I’d have just accepted my fate. That I would have just learned to be content with banging the random ring girls that were always waiting for me in the winner’s room. 
But it wasn’t enough. 
Instead, I put it all on the line when Parker fucking Jones showed up in my life. 
And now, nothing is ever going to be the same again. 

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