Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Insta-Hate by C.L. Bond Review

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When Alexandria Ray’s romance series becomes an overnight sensation, the world and its demands close in on her. After years of struggling to maintain the pace her publisher, agent and the world expects, she needs a break. Enrolling as a student at Columbia University is step one to finding herself again. Finding Arsen Daniel was not on her list. 

Arsen Daniel, along with his best friend, built an empire in the form of an exclusive, psychology-based dating service. When an old friend invites him to teach a course at Columbia, he accepts. The course? The Psychology of Love. Sounds simple enough and the publicity alone will make it worth his time. 

Arsen didn’t expect to meet his match in the form of a sarcastic blonde, hell bent on holding to her belief that true love doesn’t actually exist. After all, what woman, especially a world-renowned romance writer, doesn’t believe in happily ever after? 

Something in Alexandria’s eyes tortures him. She reminds him of someone from his past and that is a very bad thing. 

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a lough out loud, cry a little, get mad, throw out a few curses, suspenseful, romantic story

I love Casey's books but I do say I really love her romances best. Some of the lines in this book are just so laugh out loud hilarious! I giggled quite a bit. I mean chapter one is titled Nucking Futs! The way this book started I really did not expect the second half. It was just WOW. There is really a lot to this story, and at the same time It is so easy to sit and read it right through in no time.
"Sometimes, the circumstances of a person's life change them forever."
I was so surprised by the events from her life that Alexandria learned about. You have to read it I am not going to spoil it for you and tell you. But I was not expecting any of that! There was a few spots that I shed tears. Some happy some sad. 
It is not the light and dreamy romance I thought it would be. And I love CL Bond for that! She sure knows how to twist a tale and engage a reader. All the pieces of the puzzle fit perfectly together in a wonderful story.

I must include some of my favorite lines!
"It's called nut-scaping."
"my lady cave needed a tenant"
"Lust was a liar and I couldn't afford to trust that slut"
I laughed so effing hard!

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