Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Gator Girl by Kari Nelson

This is paranormal Series.
Angst, and true love prevails throughout. Kelsey is part Angel and fated to be with Prince Stephen Lyons. All forces are against them being together. It is a battle to the very end for love so real and transcended it changes the world.
The series is written from Kelsey's point of view, were everything unfolds from her eyes. She learns who she is and destined to become. Ultimately, this not only a fight for her life and, but also a test of where her loyalties lie... will she be Heavenly or fallen. We always have that choice to make.
Everyone is a master Manipulator in this fantasy story of fated love where the lesson that has to be learned ultimately is that love cannot be manipulated.
Kelsey is on a emotional journey of discovery.
She isn't aware that she was born with special hidden abilities. But, in order to protect her from outside forces, her family has been keeping them as well as many other important secrets from her... as it turns out they are the very things that could now save her life.
The catalyst to Kelsey gaining the knowledge of who she truly is, is when she loses the man that she believed that she had always been in love with to her best friend. The painful loss drives her crazy, and makes her act out in not so good ways.
While inherently good, Kelsey has been feeling like a doormat for far too long. So, when she finally decides to take charge of her life and do something different and unpredictable, it turns out to be very outlandish and totally out of her character, then it begins to lead her down to the path of destruction.
Luckily, fascinatingly hot Prince Stephen Lyons is there to catch Kelsey when she falls.
He is alpha everything, and never makes excuses for who and what he is. He is used to everyone bowing to do his will. And who wouldn't bow down to him? He's a hot Billionaire Prince!
At first, Kelsey isn't captured by Stephen's snare... She refuses to be suckered in by him. She is a bit downtrodden after just losing her heart to another man. But continuing to fight against Stephen’s heavy pursuit of her becomes more and more difficult than she thought with each passing day, and each secret revealed.
Kelsey is very young, brash, untried, and ends up taken advantage of in this crazy tailspin of a steamy tale of WTF is happening as this University of Florida Student, Kelsey Aimes finds out that fairytales stem from tragedies.
To see both sides of the story of love and hate is difficult. But there is a thin line between love and hate. And the resistance of Stephen loving Kelsey becomes an obsession that he nor she can control or deny.
Stephen has learned not to care for love, or to have a need for it because his life has been placed on a perilous path that only Kelsey has the power to change.
This Series is told in 8 books, and is a roller-coaster of fun that begins in the parking lot, getting out of the car and ends with a thrilling ride that will blow your mind. It has lots of cray-cray and drama suspended in the world of Royals. 
Kelsey uses profanity A LOT, and the story is told from her point of view, so be forewarned.
This is a romance built around the drama of the Royals of society. You'll want to be Royal when you discover how they live dripping in wealth, wielding their power freely. -It is just as natural as breathing for them.
Nothing goes as you would think because everyone has something to hide, something that they want, and an overall hidden agenda. Everyone wants to be first in line to inherit the kingdom!
Trust nothing, and read with an open mind to go places that you never have before - Become Royal in the Gator Girl Series

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