Thursday, May 12, 2016

Finding Alana by Meg Farrell review

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Five years after the brutal end to her marriage, Alana Thomas is still working to establish her new life. Having barely survived her last relationship, she’s become proficient at avoiding romantic entanglements. The truth of her former life is a secret she bears alone. 

Justin Ellis is starting over after leaving his career as a police officer. He's a genuine, good guy with a troubling past. Life starts looking up after meeting Alana, who makes him feel alive again. Being with her eases the guilt he bears. 

Alana wants him and wants to trust him. Being with him makes her feel safe. Will she risk everything to tell him the truth?

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I loved this book. The way it started had my heart beating so fast. This book had me on edge of my seat from the beginning. The story just drew me in. I was on an emotional roller coaster through this one. From where Alana begins to where she ends is quite a journey to take. So many emotions to feel and it all ended beautifully with tears in my eyes. I loved all the characters, but Justin was my favorite. Heis a very special guy. Alana hit the jackpot there. There was nothing I didn't like about this book, well except for Kent that is (cause I can hate him) 

my favorite lines in the book were

"I've always thought the most beautiful part of the day was the sunset. Today has changed my mind. I'll always see a sunset as an amazingly beautiful feature of nature, but dawn has become my new favorite. Something about the new day bringing renewed hope for all life. I'm full of gratitude when I see the dawn as an opportunity to start over. And we get a do-over every single day." 

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