Monday, May 30, 2016

Diary of a Working Girl by Daniella Brodsky

Lane Silverman’s got two problems: 1. She’s in love with love. 2. No matter how hard she works, as a freelance writer, she ain’t makin’ it. Determined to see her byline in the big magazines, she comes up with the perfect article pitch. But it isn’t easy, and before too long, Lane’s thoughts run where they always do: to meeting her Prince Charming and contemplating what flavor sorbet he’ll be feeding her from a silver spoon in a first class seat on the way to Paris when she does. Her ridiculous fairy-tale bred expectations have kept her single, but she isn’t ready to hear it. Then fate lands Lane’s mind on the perfect idea to address both her lack of love and income: she'll get a job in finance, where all the men are off to in the mornings, with the express purpose of finding a man to live happily ever after with and chronicle her findings. She's ecstatic when Cosmopolitan buys her idea. But before long her editor turns Lane’s article into an impossible feat that tests every romantic ideal she’s ever held dear. And her Cosmo editor isn’t the only one testing Lane’s values: when she finally finds her perfect man, one who appears to fit every ridiculous specification she’s ever held dear, it just might turn out to be her worst nightmare. Does true love even exist? She’d better find out soon, or all her dreams will come crashing down in one mortifying, career-ending, apartment-evicting, lonely-old-lady-with-all-the-birds, heap. 

Enjoy this special commemorative eBook second edition—released in celebration of Diary of a Working Girl’s People’s Choice-nominated feature film adaptation, Beauty & the Briefcase, starring Hilary Duff. At the end, a bonus chapter catches up with Lane eight months after the story ends. You won’t believe what she’s up to now, and who she’s up to it with . . . 

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