Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Beyond The Cherry Trees by H. D'Agostino review

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It’s been two years since she walked away, and he’s still hurting. It’s been two years since Mia Callahan ran headfirst toward her career leaving him to pick up the pieces of his broken heart. 
Tyler Cook has everything he ever wanted. He’s living in a luxurious apartment and working at one of New York’s most prestigious law firms, all while becoming one of the city’s biggest playboys. Women flock to him, and he promises them nothing in return. The more they give, the more he takes. Even though it doesn’t help fill the hole she left in his heart. 
One moment can change your life. A few words can send it down a path you never planned, careening toward someone you don’t truly want. 
What happens when Mia comes back and he isn’t the same man she left behind? Will she accept him for who he has become? Can he find the man he was, the man she left? Can he forgive her for walking away? 
Sometimes we have to go back to the beginning to realize what we had in the first place. 
Beyond the Cherry Trees is the second book in the Cook Brothers series. 

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This is the first book I have read from H. D'Agostino. When I seen the cover I knew I wanted to read this book, I am a sucker for beautiful covers. So I went and checked it out on Amazon.

As soon as I began reading I didn't put it down for anything. This story had me laughing and smiling, almost in tears and at parts fanning myself off. The story does have a bit of angst to it. I love second chance romances though. They just make me feel good. That is exactly what this story did to me. After finishing it I felt good and had a big smile on my face.

I was excited to see this is the second book in The Crook Brothers Series. I will definitely be going back and reading the first. So happy this was a stand alone and did not need to be read in order though. 

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