Thursday, May 26, 2016

Best Friend's Baby by Mia Carson

He was once my best friend...until distance came between us. And yes, a baby happened…. 

I grew up with Tyler, getting in and out of trouble like everyone our age, but things changed and he had to leave town. When he came back to town, I couldn’t be happier – I planned to pick up our friendship exactly where we’d left off. Well, not really…because we left off a little more than friends and I didn’t want to go back to being just friends, not when time had turned Tyler into a sexy hunk. How do you stay within the boundaries of friendship and love when the man you most desire is always a few steps away? And what the heck do you do when a baby happens? 

Coming home held promises…ones that only Allison could fulfill. 

I’d missed Allison while I was gone and coming back to where it all started rekindled every wrong emotion I felt for her. It didn’t help that she had grown into a sexy-as-heck woman. Living close to her made things worse, but how could I resist the opportunity to get as close to her as possible? I was going to spend an entire summer living next to her. There was no way I could hide my feeling that well or for that long. I wanted Ali so badly, but I needed to resist her, as much as I could. Except every day brought her closer to me and only a fool would resist making her his woman. I was no fool. 

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