Thursday, April 21, 2016

Spanish Nights by Valerie Twombly review

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After a bitter divorce from her cheating husband, Makayla searches for her muse in the remote hills of Spain. When she flings open the door of her villa, she finds it in the form of intense blue eyes and a killer body attached to a thick Spanish accent. 

Armand has lost everything. His magic and his freedom are taken when an evil curse is placed on the Jinn, bounding him to earth. With only his immortality and ability for seduction, he sets his sights on the dark haired newcomer in town. 

What begins as desire in the steamy nights of Spain, quickly leads to something more meaningful. However, when evil emerges from the shadows, Makayla learns she must choose between her mortality and Armand’s freedom.
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I will say I love this so much I would have sat and read even more of this story if there was more to read. I hope there is a big series in this world. Armand does have brothers so at least a story for each please! 

The way it is wrote pulled me in from the first page and didn't let go. I feel that the real and paranormal are so well entwined it feels so real to read, like I could go on a trip and have this happen. *sighs* I wish. Kayla has been so cold for as long as she remembers and Armand is hot, like literally.  When the two come together it is life changing.  ;) Talk about opposites attracting. LOL The chemistry between these two is a scorcher. 

Armand is a Jinn. This was a first for me I haven't read anything with a Jinn before. It has me really intrigued and wanting to read as much as I can of them. 

If you are a paranormal romance lover you should give this book a try. I don't think it will disappoint you at all. 

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