Friday, April 22, 2016

Love Me Steady by Elle Vanzandt review

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Penelope ‘Nellie’ Brennan has finally had it! Tired of her health problems holding her back, Nellie is determined to do just whatever she wants to do and no one is going to stop her. First item on the list for the determined 17-year old: secure a date to her first school formal dance. Second: find the perfect dress. 

Brian Moss has agreed to a favor for his Mama: take her friend’s daughter to the girl’s first formal dance. All it took was a glance at Nellie for Brian’s interest to be piqued. He needed to know more. 

What started out as a half-blind date, soon became so much more when Brian learns of Nellie’s big secret. Even after discovering the truth, Brian doesn’t run from her. Nellie is as surprised as those near and dear to her. But can Nellie trust him to stay? Will Brian be able to handle things when they get even harder? Can their quickly-deepening relationship survive the truth?
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Love Me Steady by Elle Vanzandt​ review This book was amazing! i cried, laughed, yelled, felt downright sad, and smiled.. It really gave me all the feels. I was pleasantly surprised with this book. I think I got more than I expected reading it. It was a true love story and all the bumps in the road. I so adored Brian. Such a great character. I loved how him and Nellie meet. I really fell in love with all these characters in this book. I can only hope Elle will give us a story for Cam and Andy, please! I can't put into words how much I truly love this book. It totally deserves the 5 stars I am giving it. If you are looking for a love story, a feel good book, or something to just put a smile on your face I would highly recommend this book. Go one click it and go on an adventure with all the feels in one book. I would also recommend a box of tissues.. fair warning.

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